Camaret-sur-Mer, once one of the largest langouste fishing ports in France, has developedover time into a centre for artists and writers. Many Breton and Parisian artists own small galleries here. Along the promenade there are numerous restaurants, a creperie and many bars.

Lovers of seafood will be in their element here, at the port there are two”viviers” (holding tanks for live crustaceans), where one can purchase lobster, langouste, various species of crab, and, if requested, they will even cook them for you.

Some fishermen sell their catch directly after docking at the quayside, that’s just about as fresh as it gets.

Anglers who want to catch their own fish can try their luck on the nearby Plage Pen Hat, where plenty of seabass hunt and forage in the surf.

The sandy beaches below Pointe de Pen Hir, Veryac'h and Pen Hat are set amoungst the magnificent cliff scenery of Pen Hir and the Pointe deToulinguet. These beaches are renowned meeting places for surfers from all over. Particularly Plage Pen Hat is famous for its ideal surfing conditions. However, bathers be warned! There are dangerous undercurrents and moving sands here. The beaches of Veryac'h and Camaret are the more suitable for bathing and recreation.

The local diving, surf and sailing schools: "Club Léo Lagrange" and "Presqu'ilemersion" offer various courses and diving excursions.

The Pointe de Pen Hir is also known for its good rock climbing; often you can watch climbers making their descent down the steep rock walls.

The war memorial high up on the Pen Hir and the nearby bunkers and fortifications dating from the Second World War give a reminder to a not so glorious part of German history. In respect to this, however, there is no sense of animosity or bitterness about the past from the locals, the Bretons are very friendly and open. One can visit one of the larger bunkers, as it houses the "Museum of the Battle of the Atlantic", where much can be learned about the history of this dark period.

If conditions are good, from Pointe de Pen Hir one can see many of the lighthouses which protect the shipping lanes in what is regarded as the most dangerous of the Atlantic waterways.At the port, crossings can be booked to Ouessant, the wildest of the Atlantic islands.Upon arriviva, bike hire is available directly at the port, a good starting point to tour the island, with views of many of the Atlantic lighthouses on the way.

This island is an oasis of tranquillity and because of this, many writers are attracted to work here – the place at the end of the world. Surely everybody is familiar with the famous movie that was filmed here: "The lighthouse keeper’s wife”.