Holidays with the owners in Brittany



Hello, my name is Felix, one calls me also FouFou (the crazy), since I am always in motion and constantly something to undertake.
I have been living in Brittany for three years; My first year of life I had to spend in a Spanish shelter in a box, it was not so funny and I'm glad that I got me out of there.
I will give you some good insider tips for a holiday with gentlemen and mistresses in Brittany. Have fun while reading!! PS: Maybe you meet at the beach to wander around. You can write me a comment! I'm glad to hear from you.


In this sense a greeting from the end of the world




For dogs, it is quite normal to spend the best time of the year, the holidays, together with their masters. To have time for each other, to discover together the holiday region, to make long walks, to stroll along the beach and to go out.
When looking for a suitable holiday accommodation and also after an ideal holiday region, however, the problems begin. Where to go and can you travel to make the holiday for us dogs not to be a nightmare - too hot is not to be and enough possibilities to go around should also be available. A few nice sandy beaches for ball games, digging and seagulls would not be bad.
Holiday homes where dogs are welcome to find is often not easy, too often landlords fear of damage in the house and garden or the holiday region is not dog friendly, beaches tabu or Leinenzwang (which is a horror!) As a holiday region, Brittany is simply ideal for us dogs. A lot of landlords have themselves a nice four-legged, the house and yard guarded, with for fishing or surfing or with hikes is. There are numerous holiday houses, which are specially equipped for dogs with families and the grounds are fenced all around. So you can play out quite relaxed, and the owners and their mistresses can enjoy their holiday with us without stress.
We dogs are also nature lovers and come here really at our expense. Wonderful coastal walks, beautiful landscapes, long sandy beaches with dunes, a paradise for gentlemen and mistresses. Of course, it is important to ensure that we do not meet our needs in the middle of the hiking trails or in the garden or at the beach. On some beaches, a bag dispenser called "Sacomat" has been installed!
Before arriving in Brittany please remember to remind the veterinary authorities in France, vaccination against rabies is compulsory. It must have been at least 30 days before travel and must not be longer than 12 months. Do not travel without a valid vaccination certificate!
And when we have a sore plague, there is an animal clinic with really nice veterinarians who also speak a little German and always have a suitable medication.
In the left column, I have set you a few dog-tested holiday homes with closed land.
These are only a few beautiful houses, of course, there are many others, which are suitable for beautiful seaside holidays.
The best thing to do is to ask your mistress!
See you, Felix!