Morgat (breton Morgad)


Morgat has a lovely yacht harbour. Surfing, sailing and kayaking courses for beginners and children are available in Morgat's surf and sailing school which is located directly at the port.

Morgat is the ideal holiday location for all water-sport enthusiasts.

A walk along the outer harbour wall offers wonderful views across the bay and, if the visibility is good, the view extends to the summit of the 330 m. "menez Hon" in the east.

Morgat lies in a protected bay on the southern point of the peninsula and, with its long sandy beach, it is a popular seaside resort and holiday destination. A former sardine fishing port, Morgat was discovered in 1883 by the industrialist Peugot, he was captivated by its unique location and was a key figure in the development of the town into a seaside tourist resort. Along the Boulevard de Plage, one can admire the superb old villas of the rich Parisian families who followed the Peugots to establish their holiday residences.

Morgat has a yacht harbour (Port de Plaisance de Morgat Tel : 02 98 27 01 97 Fax : 02 98 19 76) and a diving school (Club de plongée ISA Tel : 02 98 27 05 00 ).. Boat trips to the famous grottos depart several times a day. The most impressive of all is the Grotte de l'Autel with its depth of 90 m and colourful reflections of the quartz rock.

At the Centre Nautique de Crozon-Morgat kayaks and boots are available for hire, and one can book surfing and sailing courses, too. Courses are also available for children and youths.


For those who feel the sea is too cold, Morgat also has a swimming pool ( Piscine à Morgat, Bord de Plage, Tel. ) with a sauna, jacuzzi and children's area.

The Discothek La Potinière is a short distance from the pool on the Boulevard de France Libre opposite the Grand Hotel de la Mer.


On the Boulavard de la Plage there is an impressive villa which, similar tp the Eiffel Tower in Paris, is constructed out of iron. It is assumed that Gustave Eiffel built it. In 1890 segments of the house were delivered to Le Fret and transported to Morgat by horse and cart!

In 2001 the historically listed building was completely restored using galvanises steel.

Restaurants in Morgat
Located around the beach and harbour there are numerous restaurants and bars to choose from. Here are some recommendations:
La Flambée, a cosy little pizzeria with lovely sea views.
Les Grands Soufflants, behind Saveurs et Marée, offering seafood specialities.
La Grange de Toul Boss at the end of Place d'Ys, offering mainly shellfish and crêpes, with a children's play area.

Les Flots Place d'Ys, brasserie und restaurant, mainly seafood and crêpes.

Le Grand Hotel de la Mer, located directly next to the beach with a lovely view of the Bay of Douarnenez, The elegant restaurant, serving seafood and various meat specialities, is open to non-residents. However, appropriate attire is required.

 Café du Port, in the harbour, serving cakes, gateaux, coffee and crêpes.

 Atao Aman, bar and crêperie opposite the beach, a meeting place for surfers and alike with good music and live entertainment and free internet access.