Shopping on the crozon peninsula

In the Center Ville of Crozon in the church square, every day farmers and fishermen from the region offer their goods, it is only sold what is produced and caught here. On offer: vegetables of the season, salads, honey, dairy products and eggs, wonderful variations of goat and sheep's cheese, also in organic quality, fish of the coast, seafood, mussels, oysters.

Around the Presqu'ile de Crozon there are 7 supermarkets for your daily shopping.

The supermarket Leclerc Drive in Tal ar Groas at the entrance of the Presqu'ile located with its own gas station, car repair and washing station.

Leclerc Hypermarché at the entrance of Crozon, it has the largest offer, a jardiner, gas station and a car wash.
Opening hours in the winter months: Monday-Saturday from 9h-19h30, closed on Sundays. In the summer months Monday-Saturday from 9h-20h and Sundays from 9h30-12h30.

400 meters away in Crozon Mitte, the Lidl Discounter is based with its own bakery, where there are even lye rolls.

In addition to Lidl you will find a organic bakery and a small health food store with rich offerings.

In the center opposite the church there is the Carrefour Contact with large parking at the back entrance, own butcher, a good fruit and vegetable selection, which always makes a good impression.
Opening hours Monday to Saturday from 8h-20h Sundays from 9h-13h.

Around the church square in Crozon you will also find 2 bakeries and a very good butcher (Gregory Datavera), a newsagent (Maison de la Presse) and a housewares shop as well as some smaller boutiques and banks.

At the exit towards Camaret-sur-mer is the Leader Price supermarket, cheap prices.
Opening hours Monday-Saturday from 8h30-19h30, Sundays from 9h-12h30

In the seaside resort Morgat behind the church is the smaller Supermarché Express, with its own small butchery and a Poissonerie.
Opening hours from Monday-Saturday from 8h-20h Sundays from 8h30-12h30 and from 16h-20h

Here in Morgat you will find 2 bakeries and smaller boutiques.

In Camaret-sur-mer in the center of the Super U supermarket with its own gas station.
Opening hours Monday-Saturday from 8h30-19h30, Sundays from 9h30-12h

In Camaret there are 2 bakeries and also a butcher in the Center Ville.

Fish and shellfish from the region:

First address are the local fishermen who offer their catch fresh on the market square of Crozon.

In Camaret-sur-mer in the fishing port is the Vivier Henry, (living holding basin), he offers crustaceans of all kinds for sale. If you do not know how to prepare it, you can do it locally.

Buy fish directly from the fishing boats:

A few fishermen sell their catch directly from the boat, the arrival times are usually noted on signs in the port, so be there in time, a fresher fish you get nowhere else.