All holiday homes under our administration have been personally chosen, visited, accessed and photographed by us, in order to provide our customers with accurate and precise information regarding the repective property.

Please note the following:

Time of arrival is on Saturdays between 4pm and 6pm, departure is on Saturday, 10am at the latest. Minimum rental period is usually one week. During the off-season other arrangements may be possible.

The rental price is for property rental only and does not include incidental costs, unless this is explicitly stated in the respective property description. In some cases, an additional fee for local (tourist) taxes may apply and is not incorporated in the price of rental, as will be stated in the rental agreement. Final cleaning will be carried out by the tenant or, if so stipulated by the proprietor, managed by the agent for an appropriate fee, payable by the tenant. Additional agency fees other than those specified in the property description will not be charged.

In regard to standards of construction and design, all properties are subject to local regulations, which may differ substantially from regulations of other European countries. Incidences of, for example, electric cables installed on wall surfaces, or bare, hanging light bulbs are not usual, but such or similar standards may arise, particularly in older residences. Stairs can be unusually steep. Undecorated or whitewashed walls are also to be regarded as standard. In older houses (e.g. natural stone houses), the indoor environment can be subject to rapid weather-related fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Door heights in older houses do not always correspond to modern standards.

Kitchen furnishings include, as a minimum, a cooker, a refrigerator, a sink and an adequate amount of tableware for the indicated number of people.
Bed linen, table linen and towels are not usually supplied, unless this is explicitly stated in the property description. In some cases these items can be hired from the proprietor or other sources. We recommend you bring small amounts of toilet paper and cleaning products, as on your arrival these items may not be at hand in sufficient quantities.

Bedrooms are often relatively small with sloping ceilings and, in some cases, may also serve as a connecting room. In case of the latter, it will be mentioned in the property description. A divided room or a room with an open entrance is also regarded as usual and can, as according to the respective description, serve as a bedroom. A wardrobe is not necessarily provided in every bedroom. Standard French beds are usually only 1.90 m long. The width of a double bed can range between only 1.30m to 1.40 m. Single beds are usually 90 cm wide. In place of quilts, quite often, as usual in France, only bed blankets are supplied. Mattresses are generally relatively soft.

All cottages have a bathroom equipped with either a shower or a bath. Hot water is provided by means of an instant water heater system or hot water tank. Tankshave a limited capacity of usually 100 to 200 litres a day.
Fireplaces mentioned in the property description may be used by guests. In some residences a fireplace may be installed and possibly depicted in the photos of the property, but may be reserved for private use of the proprietor only and therefore not included in the description. Firewood is not usually provided and must be purchased either from the proprietor or other sources. The use of a fireplace is allowed only if previous permission has been granted by the proprietor, and strictly according to instructions provided.

Gardens can have the appearance of a natural meadow or be a simple lawn with no other vegetation. Garden furniture comprises of a table and chairs, parasols and sunbeds are not standard outdoor furnishings.

References in the property descriptions regarding sizes and distances are based on estimates or the information provided by the proprietor. In particular, details of distances to the beaches are approximate and can differ due to significant tidal variations. In some cases, depending on the geography of the shoreline, the tide can recede several hundred metres.

Final Note:

All material contained within the pages of, including photographs, is private property, and may not be reproduced for use on other web sites or any other purpose. In the event of infringement, we reserve the right to pursue legal action.