Oceanopolis Marine Aquarium Brest

The famous Oceanopolis marine aquarium in Brest is a great attraction. It is especially convenient as a trip out to keep the kids occupied if the weather is not so good. Oceanopolis is located next to the port in Brest.
Three architecturally distinctive pavilloins give visitors a “close encounter” with marine life. With its volume of 3,7 million liters of water, the aquarium provides a near natural an environment as possible for its inhabitants.
The tropical pavilion accommodates a variety of sharks, as well as a coral reef, and there is an abundance of colourful fish to be admired, too.
In the Pavilion of the "temperate" zone you can experience the amazing local marine fauna and flora of Brittany. There is also a “petting zone” where children can actually touch such creatures as sea cucumbers, starfish, scallops and crabs.
There are a variety of short films that illustrate various aspects of marine life.
Restaurants and picnic areas are there to ensure that no one goes hungry.

Opening times:
1st April to 7th September: 9am to 6pm, 10am to 5pm all other months.
There is a ferry from Le Fret and Camaret to Oceanopolis. A round tri, including entrance to Oceanopolis, can be booked at the port in Le Fret.