The Surf-Spots of the Crozon Peninsula

The numerous surf- spots of the Crozon peninsula are well-known amongst the surfing community. All around the "Presqu'île", set in a background of incredible scenery, there are many beaches, offering optimal conditions to surf the "ultimate" Atlantic wave. The best-known spots are the beaches of Lostmarc'h and its neighbouring La Palue. These beaches are the location for several surf competitions which are held here annually. Except for during the high season, the barrier at the top of La Palue can be passed through in order to access the beach area by car.

These spots are popular and highly frequented on a daily basis, as many "Bretons" are avid surfers with a fitting surfboard stored in their garage for every type of wave!

The look-out points above the spots at Lostmarc'h and the Pointe de Kerdra are ideal observation areas for spectators and photographers, but also beautiful locations for a picnic with the family at sunset. A more fantastic setting is unimaginable as, after a wonderful day, the sun sinks down into the ocean behind the majestic rocks of the Tas de Pois near Camaret sur Mer.

The spots at the beaches of Goulien, Kersiguenou and Kerloc'h are also very popular with surfers. Depending on the wind and weather conditions, these beaches are highly frequented. Here the beaches can be accessed directly by car, thus avoiding one having to carry cumbersome surf gear over long distances. These beaches are also great for fishing and swimming, hence there is normally a colourful mixture of surfers, body-boarders, families with kids making their first attempt at surfing, and sunbathers lazing in the dunes observing the activity on the beach. The more experienced have fun in the waves with their surf kayaks, an activity, which any spectator will quickly realise, is not as easy as it looks.

When the wind is right, these beaches are the perfect location for kiting and windsurfing. The 2 kilometre beach of L'Aber, which lies in the Baie de Douarnenez, is also a meeting place for surfers of all nationalities.When visibility is good, one has a view of Cap de la Chèvre, the beautiful Ile de Vierge and the Anse de Morgat.

In the summer months, the Anse de Morgat is peaceful and calm, particularly beginner surfers gather here to learn the sport. However, in autumn and winter, also experienced surfers take advantage of the optimal conditions, especially at times when the surf at Lostmarc'h, La Palue and the west coast in general is deemed too risky.

From the beach of Penhat in Camaret sur Mer between Pointe de Toulinguet and Pointe de Pen Hir, there is a magnificent view of bizarre rock formations and the Rocher du Lion (the lion’s rock) out to sea. Penhat beach is one of the favourites with surfers, however, due to the powerful currents occuring at certain times of year, it is generally considered as hazardous.

The beach of Pentrez is situated about 15 minutes away from Crozon.It is a very long, flat beach which provides a wide sandy area, even at high tide. Conditions here are optimal for wind and kiteboarding.The beach is also suitable for other sports activities, such as kayaking and fishing, and it is safe for swimming.

An absolute must after days hard surfing is a visit to the bar and creperie “Atao Aman” (breton for come and stay a while) on the Morgat promenade, a well-known surfer hangout.

This is where the surfer community meet up for an update on the latest, a chat and a good beer. The atmosphere is warm and friendly with great background music and surf videos.