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Le Breton cottage exterior
trez bellec beach
Le Breton cottage garden
Beautiful breton cottagewith a nice garden on the Crozon peninsula near by the lovely beach Trez Bellec situated in very quiet hamlet.
(Obj. #BR0292)
holiday cottage (brittany cottage)
6 persons max.
approx. 105sq.m.
5 rooms
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Guilvinec house
Guilvinec house living
Guilvinec house living2
Lovely breton holiday house, only 30 m from a nice sandy beach, comletely renovated in a comfortable holiday cottage situated in a quiet hamlet in Guilvinec in southern Finistere, not far from the" Pointe de La Torche". The tip of the torch is a paradise for surfers.
(Obj. #BR0276)
holiday cottage (brittany cottage)
5 persons max.
approx. 75sq.m.
4 rooms
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Ocean appartement
Lovely appartement with wonderful sea view in Morgat on the beautiful Crozon peninsula, only 5 m from the beach.
(Obj. #BR0035)
2 persons max.
approx. 50sq.m.
2 rooms
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sea view
Nice child-friendly holiday house with wonderful sea view, well situated only 300 m from the Kersiguenou beach on the west coast of the beautiful Crozon peninsula. Perfect for relaxing, on the nice sandy beach; spending time with the family, for a quiet holiday. Sports activities such as sailing, windsurfing, canoeing and kayaking are available in the commune of Camaret-sur-Mer and in Morgat. Sleeps up to 8, pets welcome.
(Obj. #BR0132)
holiday cottage (brittany cottage)
8 persons max.
approx. 140sq.m.
7 rooms
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Ty Anne exterior
Ty Anne living2
Ty Anne beach
Modern holiday house on the Crozon peninsula in southern Finistère in a large garden, just 800 m from the sea. The accomodation sleeps up to 4, pets welcome.
(Obj. #BR0300)
holiday cottage (modern house)
6 persons max.
approx. 90sq.m.
4 rooms
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Granit Rose House
Granit Rose House living
Granit Rose House living2
Lovely holiday home in the heart of the "Pink Granite Coast" in the north of Brittany, good standard, only 900 m from a nice sandy beach and very close to a golf course Sleeps up to 6.
(Obj. #BR0311)
holiday cottage (modern house, villa)
6 persons max.
approx. 115sq.m.
5 rooms
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beach cottage exterior
beach cottage living
Newly renovated wonderful house in a lovely location on the waterfront in southern Finistère with breathtaking sea views.
(Obj. #BR0309)
holiday cottage (modern house)
5 persons max.
approx. 65sq.m.
4 rooms
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landunvez exterior
landunvez living room
landunvez dining room
At the very tip of Brittany: Holiday house in North Finistere, a restored stone house in a quiet location with sea views at the habour of Argenton. There is a good size garden with a terrasse. Ideal holiday accomodation for a small family.
(Obj. #BR0203)
holiday cottage (brittany cottage, natural stone house)
4 persons max.
approx. 75sq.m.
3 rooms
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Pen ar Guer exterior
beach la palue-lostmarc'h
Pen ar Guer exterior-2
In the middle of a beautiful park-like property on the west coast of the Crozon peninsula lies the cottage Pen ar Guer, a beautiful Breton stone house, near by the beach Kerdreux.
(Obj. #BR0111)
holiday cottage (brittany cottage, natural stone house, fisherman house)
7 persons max.
approx. 120sq.m.
5 rooms
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Manor Morgat gardenside
Manor Morgat courtyard view
Beautiful well appointed old manor in Brittany on the lovely Crozon peninsula in the seaside resort Morgat, just 600 m from the family-friendly sandy beach, yachting marina, restauraunts and bars, and only 1 km. to Crozon. Sleeps up to 10, pets welcome.
(Obj. #BR0141)
holiday cottage (manor)
10 persons max.
approx. 180sq.m.
8 rooms
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